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Sith Intelligence Personal Profile: Krayta
Black-Aurek Clearance: Granted

Full Name: Krayta Nyrix
Formal title: Darth Krayt
Nicknames: The Dragon of Balmorra, The Shadow-Born of Dromund Kaas, The Conqueror of Corellia, Lord of Shadows, Chirikyât (She Who Causes Them to Throb and Tremble in Fear), Empire’s Wrath
Species: Sith Pureblood
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Height: 6’ 2” ft/188 cm
Physique: Toned, athletic
Hair: Black
Eye color: Amber-yellow
Affiliation: Sith Empire; Sith Order
Personality traits: Sardonic, calculating, resourceful, ruthless, tenacious, independent, patriotic

Biographical Summary
Parents: Lothar Nyrix/Lord Durus (father) – deceased; Samara Nyrix/Lord Sophos (mother) – deceased
Extended family: None
Homeworld: Dromund Kaas
Native language(s): Galactic Standard Basic (various dialects), Sith (Dromund dialect)
Languages known: Huttese (fluent), Mando’a (fluent), Cheunh (fluent), Dosh (fluent), Jawaese (trade dialect only – fluent), Kaleesh (minor), Twi’leki (minor), Binary (minor), Rodese (minor), Shyriiwook (minor)

Sith Order Summary
Rank: Darth
Combat Specialization: Sith Marauder (light armored close combat duelist & assassin)
Master(s): Overseer Tremel – deceased; Darth Baras – deceased
Apprentice(s): Jaesa Wilsaam
Proficiencies: High level skills in lightsaber combat, hand-to-hand combat, intelligence gathering, tracking, interrogation techniques/torture methodology, infiltration/assassination tactics, special forces tactics/operations/command, and operations-level military strategy. Skills in naval tactics, starfighter combat piloting, and assault group command. Limited skills in computer slicing, armored transport driving/operating, and theatre-level military strategy.
Current Position: Sith Overseer of Imperial Special Operations
Current Station: Krayt Dragon (Harrower-class dreadnaught)

Physical Appearance and Characteristics

Krayta is a fairly young female Sith pureblood. As is common with her species, Krayta has crimson red skin with sharp features and bony ridges and spurs/horns, and glowing amber-yellow eyes.

Krayta is tall enough to slightly tower over most others, often described as statuesque. Due to years of intense physical and combat training, her body is athletic and well-toned. She moves with self-confidence and predatory grace, like a Corellian sand panther.

She has black hair that she keeps cut short, and keeps brushed and slicked back. She dislikes wearing cosmetics and makeup, but has a fondness for gold Sith facial jewelry; it’s rare to see her without it.

Early Biographical Information

Darth Krayt, nee Krayta Nyrix, was born on Dromund Kaas to a pair of Sith Pureblood Lords. Her mother died giving birth to her; in her last moments, she described having a vision during her daughter’s birth of a powerful Krayt Dragon and named the child Krayta.

Krayta’s father was hardly an exemplary parent. He married Krayta’s mother for power and advancement in the Order (he was never able to advance beyond apprenticeship on his own), and was furious that Krayta’s birth had killed both his wife and his chances at further promotion; he actually came very close to smothering his daughter in her crib. But then he realized that not only did he have someone who was a blank slate and he could mold in whatever way he desired, but he could take credit for and build up his status on his daughter’s successes. He distanced himself from her, preferring to spend time with consolidating his powerbase and planning his own schemes to begin his ascension through the Sith ranks; the most affectionate thing he ever did for her was give her a tuk’ata pup to raise, whom she bonded with and named Shadow.

Krayta’s father arranged an extensive education for her while growing up. She received private training and tutelage from a number of teachers, including Imperial Military and Intelligence officers, Sith academy overseers, bounty hunters, mercenaries, and Mandalorians. She exceeded all their expectations, becoming a dangerous, cunning, and powerful young woman before she was thirteen. Through them, she developed extensive contacts, gained valuable knowledge, and learned many alien languages and customs. She traveled all over Imperial space, spending very little time on the Imperial capital. During much of her early childhood, she grew up listening to tales and stories of the Empire’s war against the Republic and Jedi; after the Treaty of Coruscant was signed, she was brought up to know that another war was inevitable and she would have to be prepared for it.

When she was on the cusp of adulthood, her father ordered her to kill her tuk’ata to test her self-reliance; horrified, Krayta refused and her enraged father attacked her. But Shadow attacked him, trying to protect its friend and master. Though the tuk’ata managed to wound him, Krayta's father fought it off and slaughtered it. Incensed by the death of her only friend, Krayta unleashed her full power on her father and destroyed him (but not before savoring his last moments of him pathetically begging for his life). After tearfully burying Shadow, she reported her father’s death to his superiors and she was sent to the Sith Academy on Ziost.

She spent a relatively short time on Ziost before she was transferred to the Academy on Korriban by an ambitious overseer, where she would begin to write her legacy…

Personality Information

A warrior and killer at heart, Krayta considers herself an apex predator coming into her own; she is determined to bring as much power, fortune, and glory to herself (and, by extension, to the Empire) by whatever means necessary and no matter the cost. A perfect scorer on the Mekhis Aggression Index for a predisposition towards violence and channeling her aggression into lethal efficiency, she frequently engages in acts of sheer violence, destruction, and cruelty. She is utterly ruthless to her enemies and takes great pleasure in destroying them; on more than one occasion she has been seen laughing while using the Force to strangle her enemies, char them with lightning, or dismember them with her lightsabers. She has no compunction whatsoever against taking hostages and/or using human shields, attacking civilian targets, waging wars of conquest, theft and looting, torturing prisoners, enslaving her enemies, or even committing mass genocide. She also enjoys taking trophies off her kills; lightsabers from Jedi and Sith are her favorite.

However, unlike many of her Sith peers, Krayta almost never allows her viciousness to overwhelm her pragmatic, strategic mind. She hides her true agenda behind the disguise of a mindless bruiser or obedient apprentice to fool her enemies and superiors into underestimating her and then catch them off-balance. She is quite calculating, insightful, and manipulative, always expecting a scheme behind every move her enemies make and has a talent for perceiving their weaknesses to exploit against them. A master of the zero-sum game, she is unfettered by the morality of her actions or cost of enemy lives in pursuit of her goals. Nonetheless, she is rational enough to try to find the best, most efficient solution for any situation, even if that means extending mercy and compassion or even working with her enemies (so long as it ultimately serves her purposes in the end). She also sees those who indulge in excessive sadism for its own sake to be weak and inefficient fools with skewed judgment.

In spite of her ruthless and calculating nature, Krayta actually has a very caring side. In addition to her rage and hatred, she also draws her power from emotions more commonly associated with the light side, such as joy and love. When she was younger, she came to realize that while anger and hatred were the most useful set of emotions on her path to power, relying solely on them was limiting her options; therefore, in order to gain total victory, she would have to draw her power from all her passions. She is always protective and supportive of those in her power base, including her friends and followers, largely due to her childhood with Shadow and observing the camaraderie amongst Mandalorians and many Imperial soldiers.

Krayta is fiercely independent and is willing to trust only a select few people who have earned her confidence, largely due to a lack of parental influence in her life, and prizes her freedom to conduct missions and operations with independence and little or no interference. Despite her rank and current position, she considers herself an independent operator and doesn’t closely associate herself with any particular powerbase or Sphere of Influence.

Krayta’s exploits have made her incredibly wealthy, but she cares very little for her fortune beyond using it to fund her operations, buy and upgrade weapons and equipment for herself and her closest followers, and hire mercenaries to fight for her. While she surrounds herself with some of the amenities expected of her position, she spends relatively little on herself or on personal luxuries. She also prefers to station herself on starships rather than planet-side, appreciating the mobility and security they provide. When off-duty, she devotes much of her free-time to rigorous training, exercising, and physical challenges; her more leisurely pursuits include reading Sith and Imperial military history, listening to her Sith opera collection, and occasionally enjoying a fine wine.

Krayta also maintains a dry, sardonic sense of humor, frequently making mocking and irreverent jokes in a deadpan tone at the expense of her superiors and enemies.

Behavioral tics: Playing with her lightsaber hilts, running her tongue along her teeth (incisors), rolling her eyes, rubbing her chin in thought, drumming her fingers

Likes: Patriotism to the Empire; killing; aggressive pursuit of victory; clever strategies and tactics; combat and challenges; spoils of war and taking trophies; Sith jewelry; protecting and empowering those close to her; pragmatism; ruthlessness; survival; power
Dislikes: Jedi and the Republic; mercy for enemies; weakness; cowardice; stupidity; incompetence; inefficiency; betrayal; sycophancy; arrogance; political infighting; morality, ethics, and rules that hinder her goals; self-righteousness; martyrdom

Physical Abilities

Krayta is an extremely accomplished lightsaber duelist, having learned all forms, styles and techniques from an early age; she can switch between them as easily as breathing and/or combine elements into her own fighting style, her weapons becoming an extension of herself. She has mastered a perfect combination of speed and agility with power and strength that makes her an exceptionally dangerous combatant. Her bladework is brutally effective while complex, reinforced with unpredictable and powerful Force attacks.

Due to years of intense physical and combat training from an early age, Krayta is in excellent physical condition. She is physically very strong; on more than one occasion she has single-handedly lifted an opponent off the ground and strangled them to death, or torn the hatches off of vehicles with her own hands. She is also very fast and agile, capable of impressive Force-enhanced speed and acrobatics and is well-trained in the art of korparu. Krayta also has a very high pain threshold, able to channel her pain into rage and aggression thereby increasing her strength and power.

Krayta is a top-form practitioner of several martial arts, including a Force-enhanced version of the System (the Imperial Military’s standardized hand-to-hand combat and self-defense discipline) and Sith hadzuska koshûjontû. She is also familiar with Echani combat arts and Chiss k’stel.

Krayta also has a talent for interrogation and torture. Her perception for enemy weaknesses is extremely useful in this endeavor; she knows the right questions to ask and in the right order, the most critical pressure points to cause the most pain, when to increase the intensity and when to pull back, and how to use the threat of pain and the reward of mercy. Her Force powers easily strengthen these talents, letting her easily dominate her subjects’ minds and/or undermine their willpower.

Force Abilities

Krayta is remarkably powerful in the Force, enough so that has been able to overcome adversaries far beyond her expected level, such as her father and Overseer Tremel.

She is quite powerful in telekinetic Force powers. Force Choke and Fore Crush are particularly favored forms of this for combat and executions. Saber Throw is another telekinetic Force specialty of hers, and can throw and use both her lightsabers to seek out and destroy her enemies. Her use of Force pushes and repulses can knock large groups of enemies away with, clearing whole rooms and hallways. She is also well-versed in the use of Force barrier. She is also highly skilled in Force lightning, using it for combat and torturing her enemies; she can channel enough dark side energy to kill multiple enemies with a single blast or crumble stone walls and columns.

She is also particularly skilled in stealth-based Force powers, including Force Camouflage, to render herself invisible; Force Stealth, to hide or disguise her presence in the Force; and dark side Force Obfuscation, to blind her opponents with darkness.

She is also highly skilled in mental-based Force powers. She is quite adept with Force sense, allowing her to detect enemies in her surroundings and making it almost impossible to sneak up on her. She is also skilled with mind tricks and can easily dominate the minds of her enemies. She also has some talent with beast control, allowing her to control animals (usually as a mount).

Preferred Equipment

Krayta’s primary weapons are a set of paired lightsabers built by her and according to her specifications. The hilts are made of Mandalorian beskar and wrapped with Kilik silk tassels in an interwoven, crisscrossing pattern to improve her grip. Perhaps most unique attribute about them is that they emit black blades, a particularly rare color for a lightsaber. In addition, they can be locked together at the hilt to form a double-bladed lightsaber, though this serves more for shock value than anything else.

In addition to her lightsabers, Krayta is also armed with several Imperial Army combat vibroblades at any given time. She also carries a good deal of customized equipment in her kit, including an Imperial Intelligence-modified secure holocommunicator and comlink, and a set of highly advanced EV2 macrobinoculars.

In combat, Krayta wears black Sith robes with black phrik armor bracers and clawed gauntlets, and armor plating around her chest and shoulders. She also favors wearing a customized black Imperial Military-style uniform while eschewing any standard insignia. When off-duty or in training, she wears a simple black training outfit.

Tactics and Command Style

Krayta is a highly aggressive combatant and a cunning tactician and strategist whose combat doctrine calls for a mix of special forces tactics, the use of multiple strike teams per operation, and a focus on strategic objectives. Her training makes her comfortable with and qualified for missions requiring either direct assault or infiltration/assassination. Her opening moves call for covert action to move the pieces of her plan into place before escalating to overwhelming force. Merciless, vicious, and devastating, she brings her perception for weakness on to the battlefield and the war room to target the enemy’s most critical weak spots and annihilate them with lethal efficiency. For her, there are only two options in war: victory, or death; once she has an objective, she pursues relentlessly it with laser-like focus and will not stop until it is either dead/destroyed or captured.

Though her rank and training qualify her to lead whole armies and fleets, Krayta maintains a strong preference for and is most effective working exclusively with smaller groups, generally special forces-style squads made up of 3-7 specialists with herself as the primary force multiplier. Krayta’s squads are made up of a motley but elite collection of Imperial military personnel (generally from Imperial special forces and “black” operations units) with Mandalorians, mercenaries, and bounty hunters.

She generally leads at or near the front of battle alongside her troops, and rarely expects them to do something she would not do herself. She often takes an interest in their lives, seeking to find ways to continue to ensure and strengthen their loyalty and resolve to her cause, and is often the first to buy them a round of drinks after a successful mission. She recognizes and appreciates the value of Imperial soldiers; while she knows and accepts that her strategies will call for her to sacrifice them, she will not casually waste their lives.

Krayta encourages creativity and innovation amongst those who serve her, allowing them to respectfully speak their minds and express their ideas even if they are contradictory to hers. But she will not tolerate insubordination, obsequiousness, or betrayal; the punishment is usually death. Those who succeed under her can expect a steady flow of plunder, treasure, and top-of-the-line equipment. Those who fail but take responsibility for their mistakes are punished (generally with demotion or reassignment) but are forgiven so long as they learn from their error; those who do not take responsibility are simply executed.

Krayta actively promotes pillaging and looting among her followers, even from the corpses of her enemies; no item is without use/value or too taboo to take. The only rule is that looting be done after an engagement; she has noticed that the amount of plunder collected is significantly higher this way. She will take prisoners, but only to maximize their usefulness (either to extort/ransom for credits, torture for information, enslave them for Imperial labor, etc.); once they have outlived their usefulness, Krayta simply disposes of them.

Personal tactics: Uses Force Camouflage or misdirection to sneak up on enemies before attacking. Solitary and small groups of enemies are killed with swift, efficient lightsaber and Force-based killing strikes; larger groups met with a Force charge and lightsaber attacks.

Unit tactics: Emphasis on high mobility and flanking with suppressing fire and use of grenades by squadmates, with secondary flanking by Krayta with Force charges and attacks to force enemy troops out into the open or decapitate enemy leadership.

Space battle tactics: Strong preference for naval ambush and attritional damage tactics. First targets of ambush depend on whether she intends to board the ship and possibly take it as a prize. If boarding in mind, the first targets are the ship’s engines and communication array, then the ship’s armaments before boarding and either capturing or destroying it from within. Otherwise, will target the bridge first to limit command and control before hitting the weakest, most critical areas of the ship where it will cause the most damage.

Political and Social Information

Krayta is very proud of her Pureblooded Sith heritage and greatly enjoys the natural advantage and all the privileges that come with it, but believes the Sith Empire should be more inclusive with some alien races so long as they are loyal to and contribute to the Empire. She has particularly supported elevating the Chiss and Rattataki to full Imperial citizenship, valuing the Chiss’s knack for subterfuge and strategy and the Rattataki for their love of combat. She has also moved for creating “foreign legions” for alien races, particularly those with a warrior culture background (such as Trandoshans, Kaleesh, Cathar, and Nikto), to fight for the Empire. But she is not an “alien lover” as some traditionalists would derisively call her; she just recognizes the practicality of limited inclusion. She also has sent recommendations to the Dark Council to mandate the galactic genocide of the Esh-ka and Killiks (citing their existence as a danger to the Empire and the rest of the galaxy), as well as wiping out the Hutts and the Hutt Cartel and taking over their vast territory and assets, and enslaving the Evocii to work for the Empire.

Krayta’s travels throughout the galaxy have made her a true patriot, believing only the Empire can be the dominant force in the galaxy and impose a much-needed meritocratic system that will encourage and allow the people to reach their fullest potential; one that will not only make and teach everyone that they are a vital part of the Empire’s system, but also that winners benefit the most from that system. She considers the Republic a rotting, stagnant beast with too many viewpoints and philosophies and politicians concerned with their own interests, and that the Republic is too enamored with such weakness to ever hold together; eventually it will fall to the Empire, and she will be there to raise the Imperial banner over its defeated form. She hates the Jedi, believing them to be hypocrites obsessed with maintaining the moral and ethical high ground so she enjoys taunting them and bringing out their inner darkness. However, she holds some respect for Jedi Grandmaster Satale Shan, mostly out of respect for her heritage in relation to Revan.

She also takes a pragmatic view on slavery, preferring to use criminals, conquered species, Republic POWs, and other enemies of the Empire for slave labor; but believes that if individual slaves demonstrate true loyalty to the Empire, they should be given a chance at earning their freedom.

Though Krayta possesses a high political acumen, she remains mostly removed but observant of Sith power struggles. She has no desire to sit on the Dark Council and disdains the shadow feuds that high-ranking Sith typically engage in with each other – but that’s not to say she doesn’t readily exploit and manipulate them to her own advantage. Instead, she prefers to be in the field commanding troops, planning operations and campaigns, or seeking out intrigue against the Empire’s enemies.

Due to recent political developments in the Sith Empire (the disappearance of the Emperor, numerous upheavals in the Dark Council, and re-ignition of the war between the Empire and Republic), Krayta generally reports directly to Darth Marr, de facto leader/steward of the Empire.

Notable Followers and Allies

As a high-ranking Darth of the Sith Order and Empire, Krayta maintains a number of followers in her powerbase. For the purposes of this profile, her closest and most notable followers include:

Jaesa Wilsaam: Krayta’s first and currently only apprentice, diplomatic/interrogation expert and adviser, closest confidante, and lover.

Colonel Malavai Quinn: Krayta’s primary military adviser, strategist, tactician, and coordinator of her operations with the Imperial military.

Colonel Pierce: Commanding Officer of Krayta’s special operations units.

Krayta’s rank and position also maintains a number of Imperial and Sith allies, her most notable including:

Darth Marr, Councilor of the Sphere of Defense of the Empire
Darth Vowrawn, Councilor of the Sphere of Production and Logistics
Lana Beniko, Minister of Sith Intelligence
[redacted], former Minister of Intelligence
Zasha Ranken, Admiral and Commanding Officer of Imperial Forward Command
Arkos Rakton, General and Commanding Officer of Imperial Strategic Command
Sith Intelligence Profile: Krayta
This is a full-on dossier of Krayta that I have been tinkering with for about the past year; I haven't been able to work on any other fanfics or stories because I have been so busy with classes, internships, work, etc. But I'm glad to finally publish this, I think it really does her character justice and fills in some holes that needed to be explained before.

Krayta is all mine. "Star Wars: The Old Republic" belongs to BioWare and EA; Star Wars belongs to Disney.
Krayta Character Reference by jojollyart
A Christmas gift from a very good friend of mine (who has asked to remain anonymous) of a character reference sheet for my SWTOR character Krayta by JoJollyArt. When they asked me if they could use her for something and asked me a bunch of questions about her, I had no idea they had commissioned such an amazing and thoughtful gift for me! I am so thankful to have them as a friend.

Krayta belongs :iconblackrain1678:
Artwork is by :iconjojollyart:
Star Wars: The Old Republic belongs to BioWare and EA; Star Wars belongs to Disney.



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